Why videos? 

You’re a classical educator so you understand the pedagogical punch of any given medium. Thanks to thinkers like Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, you know that image-based communication often works against the lingual fluency that classical educators work so hard to cultivate in their students.

Understandably, you’re apprehensive about promoting an approach to education that prizes text, literacy, and language with a medium that has diluted literacy in contemporary life, the video.

We believe videos are a key medium precisely because of the arguments made by McLuhan, Postman, and others. Your prospective families and donors have been raised on a steady diet of image-based communication so they are more inclined to click the play button on a YouTube video than read a couple of paragraphs of text. Our concise videos provide a compelling connection point to anyone interested in the education you offer.

How will Mindhenge provide schools with their customized version of the video(s)?

We will share your video file via a link. Schools may then download the file of the video to share with their constituents and community.

What sort of video file do schools receive?

We provide schools with a high definition MPEG-4 video file. 

What's the value of customizing a Mindhenge video?

By customizing a video with a school's branding, schools communicate to their constituents and communities that the Mindhenge story is not simply a story that a school likes or aspires to, but it's the school's story.

In what ways can schools use the video(s)?

There are a variety of ways schools can use these videos. We suggest the following:

  • Embed the video prominently on your school's website

  • Use the video as a springboard for introducing the education you offer at an open house

  • Host monthly business luncheons with businesspeople and community leaders and introduce the luncheon with your video

  • Tweet the video

  • Blog the video

  • Share the video on your Facebook page

  • Identify a popular family movie and use the video as an ad at a local movie theater prior to the start of the film

  • Share your story with area churches using the video as an introduction

Why use videos that do not include your students?

Many schools utilize their own videos in order to promote their school. These videos give prospective families a feel for a school’s facilities, faculty and staff, students, and culture. While these videos certainly play an important role in a school’s marketing and retention efforts, they are commonly used by many private schools. Mindhenge Artifacts believes classical schools can set themselves apart from other private schools through the use of our videos. How? Because our videos address in a focused way various aspects of the classical model, helping viewers see that your school truly does offer a distinct education.