Mindhenge customizes accessible yet substantial videos that help classical schools recruit and retain students. Mindhenge videos also help schools reinforce their classical identity. With a version of the video that shows your unique school's logo, these videos provide an important tool in your school's marketing toolbox, introducing prospective families and donors to the education your school offers.

Classical Academic Press's ClassicalU provides the full line-up of videos produced by Mindhenge. Schools subscribing to ClassicalU have access to the Classical Academic Press branded version of the videos (see below). Mindhenge provides customization work for schools wanting a version of the video with their own branding. The price for a customized version of the video is $250. For information on how to order, click here.

Descriptions of the full line-up of videos produced by Mindhenge are listed below:

NEW! Your School: A GPS or Compass Approach to Education?

Too many schools take a GPS approach to education, asking students to mindlessly follow the steps to a good job. Classical Christian schools seek to provide students a compass and the tools to navigate a well-lived life.

Mindhenge technology and education

Technology and Classical Christian Education

All too often computer technologies are hailed as the answer to education. This video explains why classical Christian schools opt for a thoughtful and measured use of technology in the classroom.

Mindhenge Classical Education: Why It's Important

Classical Christian Education: Why It's Important

This video considers one of the most important questions parents face: how should we educate our children? See why classical Christian education provides the most satisfying answer to that crucial question. 

Mindhenge Christian Education: The Classical Difference

Christian Education: The Classical Difference

If Jesus is both creator and redeemer, then shouldn't Christian education be more distinct? The classical Christian model offers an education that takes seriously the sweeping implications of Jesus' Lordship.

Mindhenge: what is education for?

Classical Christian Education: Working with the Grain of a Student's Humanity

So much of modern education treats students as a tool for the market. Classical Christian education drills beneath this utilitarian view of education, treating students not as a mere means for the economy but as curious creatures capable of joyful discobery.


Read what others are saying about Mindhenge videos:

“Videos add a new dimension to any website that can make the difference between landing a prospective parent, or getting lost in the mountains of information on the Internet. Mindhenge does some of the best work I've seen at communicating the value of classical Christian education. Their work is highly valued by the ACCS, and we encourage schools to consider using these valuable video tools."

David Goodwin, President,  Association of Classical  and Christian Schools, Moscow, ID

“The videos from Mindhenge are great resources for our school. They boil down key aspects of the classical Christian approach into an understandable form so that parents get a taste of what we are striving to accomplish. We have used these videos at Open House events, online marketing, and even as a kick-off to a faculty meeting. Working with Mindhenge was great as they had the videos up and ready to go in just a few short days." 

John Mark Niehls, Head of School, Coventry Christian Schools, Pottstown, PA

“In a world inundated with social media, tweets and shared videos, classical Christian schools must reach out to their communities with new and exciting products that are not only rich in content but exciting and professional in quality.  The classical education video that Cair Paravel Latin School purchased from Mindhenge Artifacts has been an amazing tool in sharing our goals and mission to the public. We have the video embedded on our website and use it monthly during meetings with business leaders and families who are interested in attending CPLS.  We appreciate the vision of Mindhenge Artifacts and the opportunity they provided to purchase this resource for a nominal price.”

Miranda Collins, Marketing and Development Director, Cair Paravel Latin School, Topeka, KS

"Telling the full story of a historically-rooted, academically-rigorous, morally-centered classical Christian education is daunting. That's why we were overjoyed that Mindhenge Artifacts could help us tell the story in a brief but memorable way.  We have used this video as a primary marketing tool ever since."

                Nathan Carr, Headmaster, The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, OklahomaCity, OK

"Each of the Mindhenge videos has greatly served our current and prospective families in learning more about classical education. They have been a great investment for our school."

                                                            Dennis Doty, Principal, Westminster Classical Christian Academy, Toronto, ON

“As head of a classical Christian school, I was thrilled to find three superb videos articulating exactly what I say to prospective parents. The videos convey three distinct facets of classical Christian education parents will find thought-provoking, and the delivery is captivating. In my opinion, this is THE approach for turning the heads of today’s parents so we can get our foot in the door.”

Lori Rogers, Principal, Calvary Classical School, Hampton, VA